How does 150cc naked Sport Kawasaki motorcycle look like if it produced?

The market of Indonesian motorcycle is the big one in the world. The motorcycle companies produce many kinds of motorcycle types, such as moped, automatic, and sport. Well, here I will talk and focus on sport type. In Indonesia, Sport 150cc has been a mainstream products that are produced by almost all motorcycle manufactures, especially Japan motorcycle companies. Honda product is New Mega Pro and even in the short time going to launch the new one more product,150 cc naked sport motorcycle as called “trellis” by Indonesian people. As the main competitor, Yamaha has V-ixion,the greatest market share 150cc naked sport which is known as very economical fuel sport motorcycle because of the fuel injection system. Year to year Honda and Yamaha compete to be number one product, especially in this segment,the middle naked sport class in the country that most people use motorcycle in the daily life. Until now, Yamaha V-ixion is the best sale product. How about Suzuki and Kawasaki? Well, Suzuki now actually has this class, but it is little bit different. Their product is Suzuki Satria F, sport under bone type so called “Ayam jago”(rooster). It is not common naked sport motorcycle. it tends to look like a moped bike but has sport specification. And how about Kawasaki? Yes the green team has 150cc class but not the 4 strokes motorcycle. Ninja 150R is 2 strokes naked sport bike which one day the production will be stopped because its emission which has worse emission substance than 4 stroke types. So, Kawasaki doesn’t have this naked sport 150 cc segment,except Kawasaki KLX S and D-Tracker 150, as we know they are Light trail and super moto which has more segmented market than pure naked sport product like V-ixion and new Megapro.

If I watch Kawasaki movement in Indonesia, slightly they do not really care about 4 strokes naked sport. In fact, they only sell 250cc class such Ninja 250R, KLX 250, and Moge(Motor Gede) as known as Motorcycle with big capacity engine like ER 6 N, ER 6 F, and Ninja ZX 600 R. Even though the 2 strokes bike of Kawasaki is still very popular and loved by almost all Speed freak in this country,but I am really sure, they are planing seriously about the pure 4 strokes naked sport class. They began launching the big bikes to plant and create a stereotype that Kawasaki is identical with big motorcycle or fast motorcycle,it is proved by The big name of Kawasaki Ninja as the flag ship of this Japan company in Indonesia. So,sometimes some  questions appear Don’t they passionate  to sell pure 150 CC naked sport?  Don’t they interested with its market share? Why they launch segmented product like trail and Super moto?  And the answer,It is smart strategy from Kawasaki, step by step they master the motorcycle market from the highest until the lowest level. They master the most segmented class first,then they master the massive segment. If I have to talk explicitly, Kawasaki try to answer all question about the need of motorcycle. What is the most popular big bike in Indonesia? ZX6R. What is the most popular Dual purpose bike in Indonesia? KLX, D-Tracker,..
What is the awesome street bike in Indonesia? The people will answer ER series.

Well, when the stereotype “Kawasaki minded” has been planted and mastermind Indonesian bikers, it will be easy to master 150 cc class market. Let say, the platform of the middle class bike look like Kawasaki  Z or ER series.Then it is possible for Kawasaki to use the basic engine of D-Tracker 150 and KLX 150 to power it. It will be interesting if I see small version of Z series or ER series. Any comment?

Thank you

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